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Back in 1983 when HSLDA was founded, homeschooling was actually illegal in a lot of places across the United States. Families who chose such a non-traditional education route often encountered opposition from the educational bureaucracy as well as from their own friends and relatives.

Seeing a need for affordable legal advocacy, HSLDA was established to relentlessly defend and advance the constitutional rights of parents to direct the education of their children and to protect family freedoms.

Fast forward a few years (okay, maybe more than a few years) and our primary goal has remained the same: to bring affordable legal help to homeschooling families. Today, HSLDA makes homeschooling possible for tens of thousands of families.

Through many families uniting, we have been able to keep the cost of a year’s membership close to the rate of just one hour of an attorney’s time almost anywhere else. Now that’s something to celebrate!

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We’re homeschool moms and dads, too — we’ve been there and are ready to tell you what we know. We’ve seen the ups and downs of homeschooling over the past 30+ years and we remain dedicated to making homeschooling possible for you and your family — encouraging your best!

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Our legal team stands ready to assist you — from explaining your state’s homeschool laws to providing court representation for your right to homeschool to continuing to advocate on your behalf at state and national levels.

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Seeing the need for affordable legal advocacy, two homeschooling dads established HSLDA to protect families’ right to give their children the kind of unique, personalized education that homeschooling allows. Today, HSLDA makes homeschooling possible for tens of thousands of families.