Mom, you make homeschool possible.

You wake up and start your day, whether you’re ready or not. You teach your kids what you know and you work to learn how to provide them what they need in their studies. But beyond that, you teach them how to be compassionate or patient or kind in a world that is often cold and angry and loud. You teach them to be wise more than smart and value what matters. You may not always have a smile on your face. You may question whether this is what you were made to do. Sometimes it’s a mess and sometimes, it’s a miracle.

You are strong and courageous and are raising the next generation with heart and values that will change the way your children see nearly everything.

Since your own childhood, you’ve had talents and gifts and passions that were unique to you. You are strong and courageous and are now raising the next generation with heart and values that will change the way they see nearly everything. You don’t always believe in yourself because, in a world of Pinterest parties and Instagram filters, you constantly feel the pressure of comparison. Of being a perfect parent. Of never letting on that you’re tired or overwhelmed.

But hear this: you are making homeschooling possible. Not perfect. Not flawless. Not fake. You’re making homeschooling possible because you believe that it’s what is best for your kids — and we are thankful to come alongside you and cheer you on.

You can do this.

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